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The Reclaimed Lands

These lands were once burnt and broken. They were scorched by fire and fouled by a dark miasma that hung over the land and poisoned all living things it touched. They were the Wasted Lands, and nothing lived here but the tainted creatures that served the Dark One.

But now, these lands have been saved. We assembled a vast army. An army of many races, and led it to battle against the fetid hoards, and their demonic masters. Once that victory was achieved, we sacked Castle Dark itself.

By then we knew we were not mere mortals. We possessed theā€¦ well, we shall say the spark that made us adventurers. Together our small party entered the bowels of the Castle, and passed into the realm of the Dark One himself, whose name must never be spoken. What happened in that place is not for you to know. When we returned we came back without a dear friend. But we came back with the head of the Dark One, along with his limitless fortune.

Years have passed, and the lands have healed. People have come to settle these new lands, and make them strong again. Forests have grown, seemingly over night. Waters that once ran red with corruption have purified, and the very rocks that once stood jet black, have softened to the natural hue of solid stone.

It was to be a time of peace. But peace is never earned, only borrowed. Our army has returned to their homes, and some old enemies (and a few old allies) see these Reclaimed Lands as undefended without an army.

They are correct that we do not have any army (for the moment), but they are wrong to think us undefended.

- Abdul Rahman Al Ghafiqi ,Court Mage to the Lord Michael

Main Page

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