I have gone on a journey
I will be bold

I heard Elder Thomas read the posting from our new Lord today. He makes a startling claim. To raise the low-born to sit at his own table? Mother calls it heresy. Father calls it a fools dream. I am unsure, but he did say he sought the worthy.

I can read and write. I can do my numbers. I can wield a spear and bow as well as any man in my village. This puts me above most. Mother and Father would never allow it, but the Lord calls for us after the planting is done. Were I to go to Castle Black with some of our village goods to sell, and bring back the profits, is that not a good use of my time? Many people will be there, and I could bring some needed goods back for the winter.

I will go. It may be foolish, but grandfather used to say that “the bold and the foolish are separated only by success”. I will succeed. I will be bold.

- Oscar, Son of Fletcher


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